Most sheet masks are formulated for the end consumer, which means they have fragrance in them, so they smell great and have great appeal. However the Dermaenergy Black Label Sheet Mask are formulated with the clinician in mind. Free of fragrance so they can be used after most intensive clinical treatments!

Energising Sheet Mask x 1

  • Sheet Mask is the perfect completion to an intensive clinical treatment, as it helps -

    • Soothe with Tazman Pepper
    • Hydrate with Hyalur
    • Stimulate with Matrixyl
    • Energise with ATP


    The Dermaenergy Sheet Mask also contains Melon and Papaya Fruit extracts, full of Vitamins A & C.

    Dermaenergy Actives

    • Hydrabrasion
    • Peels
    • Skin Needling